Jillene Johnson

 Jillene Johnson is a choreographer and performer here in New York City. Miss Johnson received her BA in Dance Studies from The New School University and her artistic certificate from The American Music and Dramatic Academy in Hollywood.  Miss Johnson’s recent pieces include FamilyFoto (2010: Alvin Ailey), BeStillandKNow (2011: Alvin Ailey) Till Love Do Us Part (2011: Frigid Festival), and Flock (2012: New School).  Jillene is interested in how Post Modern Dance and Cabaret Performance could interact with one another. She considers making the serious funny and the mundane stunning. She values beauty; the world needs more of it through art. Art is a means of transmitting light and love for glimpses of clarity and truth. Miss Johnson is constantly living between reality and fantasy. She creates to challenge, entertain, inspire, and explore the interaction of live harmonized vocals, silence, and movement in intimate settings. The entry point of this work is the idea of contorting the body with both naturalistic and grotesque shapes while layering them with poetic vocals and speech to construct a dynamic audio and visual piece. As a Broadway show creates it’s environment with sets and lights, the movement, persisting rhythm of the writing and vocals in this piece transport the audience from a simple stage to the possibility of being immersed in an alternate reality.