G.J. Dowding

Creating and sharing art in order to keep the conversation alive while exploring the basics of humanity.

G.J. Dowding is a writer, director, and performer living in Brooklyn, New York. He attended both Wagner College and New York University, studying everything from vocal performance, music theory, acting, journalism, and fiction/poetry writing. Predominantly trained in acting, he is currently interested in exploring  physical theater and performance art through collaboration of different artistic mediums. 

 As a gay male, he has been exploring queer identity, persona, and art over the past year while writing a lot about queer theory and his personal upbringing in a queer lifestyle. This piece is essentially a queer solo performance piece with a supporting ensemble. It is autobiographical, filled in with splendid fiction of course! Being that he loves bringing various art forms together within one context, G.J. decided to present my writing in collaboration with music and movement. This is where the ensemble came in; to aid in the telling of a personal queer story, to bring the psyche and subconscious to life. This project is not only based on G.J.'s career goals as an artist but is also meant to serve as a therapeutic conversation with people. His desire to hear as many people’s stories in the world as possible in his lifetime and this is G.J.'s contribution to the conversation.

Quizzically Quimsical  is  his first original multi-media performance piece based on his poetry and prose. G.J. has participated in musical theater and plays in the past as an actor, been involved in conservatory groups, taken workshops and classes in various acting mediums, been a part of the New Generation Theater Ensemble (NGTE), and most recently participated in an advanced movement class at the Maggie Flanigan Studio.