Mickey O'Sullivan

Mickey O'Sullivan (Hamlet) is pretty flippin’ excited to be playing with Riff Collective in Drowning Ophelia. O'Sullivan has recently been onstage in New York with "Waiting for Lefty" at the Portmanteau and The Working Theatre, "Uncle Morty's Funeral" by Joanna Zelman, "Melodrama Play" with Craig Newman, "Twelfth Night" with Time-Space, and "Wake" with Aisling Arts. Regionally Mick has performed at the Foldger Shakespeare Theater and Taffety Punk in "Two Noble Kinsmen" and "King John". You may have seen Mickey on Investigation Discovery Channel and watch out for the web-series Team Allies on Funny or Die, as well as "Emily" a short film released this past fall. Mickey's last project was in the role of Executive Producer of CCCFestival at Theatre Row.