John Stutte

John Stutte was born in Jefferson City, MO where he studied piano, guitar and voice. He absorbed music from all directions, including the Beatles, rock and roll, and showtunes. He seriously studied classical music and composition at a small university for a few years before changing majors to pursue a career in business. Always passionate about music, Stutte composed choral, ensemble and piano pieces for various events and occasions and continued to study and practice. In 2002, he decided to seriously enter the field of theatrical music and worked with the executive director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center to produce his first show, “Nap!” in 2003 at a small university theatre in suburban Chicago. Stutte has been involved creatively in several local and community theatre productions in various venues around the U.S. He now lives in Atlanta, GA where in 2009 he began working long distance with Jack Dyville on their first project: “Eeek! A Mousical”.