Ed Moroney

Ed Moroney (Jack Ward) is a New Yorker who had been in exile for over a quarter century.  He is pleased to be part of Zephyer Rep’s production of Downside Risk. In his life on various stages he has portrayed: George Bush, Dick Cheney, King Sextimus, Mr. Hassler, Nunzio, George Washington, and several other known and unknowns in like production companies (known and unknown). He has sung: with symphonies, in operas, in community showcases and other venues (and yet hopes to learn how to read music). His film credits are an amalgamated wonder to behold, mostly unaccredited. In all and sundry, some things remain the same: anticipatory terror, restrained panic, painful fun and joy, and awe of the talents of fellow actors. Thanks for the opportunity to continue this journey towards thespian fulfillment.