Tina Mavrikidis

Tina Mavrikidis (Mother). Tina performed in the church for over 15 years.  During that time she was encouraged to "Go into the Real World" and perform.  Three years ago she did just that!  Tina has been performing in Indie Films, Student Films, Music Videos and even did a webisode for Comedy Central.  Her NY debut was in a play called: "A Promise Best Kept" at The Theatre for The New City.  The play met with rave reviews and so did Tina's performance.  Here's what Andrew Martin said about her:  "However, it is Tina Mavrikidis, in multiple roles as neighbor Edna, birth mother Catherine, and a short bit as policewoman Lutella, who simply grabs every moment by the throat and won't let go!"  Tina would like to thank Dana Dobreva for all her insight and direction!  She would also like to thank Anna Podolak for being the perfect daughter!  :)  It was a real blessing working with all of the very talented cast and crew!