Camille Theobald

Camille's love for performing started when she was seven years old; while belting her face off to Whitney Houston in the car, she realized this was her dream. This grew into years of choir throughout school and dancing competitively through age 14 to 18. In 2007 Camille moved to New York to make her dream a reality. The streets of New York were much different from the forests in Colorado but she fell in love right away. In May of 2009 she graduated from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.Since then, Camille has performed all around New York City; acting, singing, dancing and stand up comedy. Whether in front of the camera or on stage her goal is to portray a true character and tell a great story.Not only does she perform but writes as well. She writes stand up, comedic songs, sketch comedy, and even slam poetry. Her material has been performed at the New York Comedy Club, Don't Tell Mama Cabaret, Girl Power: Survival of the Fittest, We Can Speak: Children's Rights convention at the U.N., and An Evening of Laughing Banter. She feels lucky to be here in New York, pursuing her dream, and is thankful for all the many blessings in her