Peggy Queener

New York: Nina, The Cocktail Hour: Justine, For Tiger Lilies Out of Season; Violet: Snake in Fridge: Vixen, The Eight: Reindeer Monologues; Deborah, I, Undertow (world premier); Lady Croome, Arcadia: Lady Caroline, Dear Brutus; Ranevskaya, The Cherry Orchard; Eleanor; No Sex Please, We're British.  Independent films: Won Ton Baby! (starring Gunnar Hansen and Debbie Rochon); Guy With a Camera; Disorder (Cannes, 2007); Prologue; The Puppet Show.
Deepest love and gratitude to her Mom and Dad, her extraordinary siblings -  the in-towners and the Ohio contingency, (who traveled to see me!);  her exceptionally loyal friends; Coco Chanel, and her dear Kitty.  Profuse and endless thanks forever to her mentor, Blake, without whom Fifi may have never seen the spotlight, Matt, my uber-talented miracle worker and champion,  Phaedra, for her priceless friendship and sage council, fabulous taste, and beyond-gorgeous couture talents, and the dedicated members of Zephyer Rep.  You're all in my heart.

Fifi's dress courtesy of golightly traveling (