Erin Patricia

The lovely and glamorous Erin Patricia has been acting and singing for a number of years now. She got into acting after a modeling agency (which will remain anonymous) told her that she'd have better luck acting, due to her tattoos (such as the obnoxiously huge nautical chestpiece she so awesomely rocks). Within a few months, she was offered the lead in a short film titled "Flashover," which won numerous awards, including "Best Documentary" by Paramount Pictures. She was also nominated for "Best Actress in a Short Film" at the Action on Film festival 2008 for the same film.

Erin has experience in both theater and film. She recently performed in an off-Broadway titled, "Kailashnath Weds Madhumati." She is described as quirky and extremely cheesy, and is a big fan of creepy stalker fellas. She hopes you enjoy her performance!