Julia Giolzetti

Julia Giolzetti is so happy her last Angel Drake cabaret performance didn't end with resounding boos that she has decided to take another gander at the grand prize! Her most recent acting gig was a staged reading of 4Play in a Williamsburg bar, which won the made-up award for Most Hipstery Event of the Millenium. She has been graciously welcomed by the Wings Theatre and is looking forward to playing Snug in their upcoming production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Elsewhere she has played a 12-year-old lesbian, a conflicted party girl, a dead fast food employee, and Henry V's hapless Boy. You may have seen two seconds of her in Bank of America's MLB banking commercials doing what she does best--being a goof. She dedicates this performance to--who else--all the fantabulous gays in her life.