Jennifer Fouche

Jennifer Fouche' hails from Detroit, Michigan and has claimed New York as her second home. She is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Alumni of the 2008 Academy Company. Jennifer is a member of The Amoralists Theatre Company as well as a member of the Flea Theatre's resident acting company, The Bats. Recent credits include The Crucible (Tituba), Bag Lady (Clara), Dirty Little Black Girls (Song), Blue Fire on the Water (Maybelle), The Violet Hour (Jessie), Amerissiah (Carrie), Bring Us the Head of Your Daughter (Contessa), Sonnets from the Tower (Elizabeth I), Joe & Me (Mother Andrea). Film/TV Animal Planet, Indelible, Avenging Disco Vampires.

Jennifer is ever thankful for the tremendous love and support of her family and friends..and for Scotty..who is perfect.