Jenna Lee Barber

Jenna Lee is originally from the small village of Holley-upstate NY. After growing up in a one-traffic light town-she went to Syracuse University and graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre. Now living in Hell's Kitchen-she wishes to send a big smackin' kiss and lots of love to all her gays and the gays she has yet to meet! Recent regional credits include Syracuse Stage-MY FAIR LADY and SOUND OF MUSIC-where she was a featured NUN-however; up in Hell's Kitchen you will find her being anything but a NUN-performing at her favorite spot 9TH AVE. SALOON! GAY GAY GAY and marriage equality now is what Jenna Lee is all about tonight! She sends love and peace to the universe, Stewart Talent, Brooke and Mary, VP Boyle, AEA-EMC, bette midler, apt. 3 s-friends for life and her parents : ) xoxo smiles and rainbows-love and gratitude-may the secret be with you!