Brendan Hunt
A Life in Theater

BRENDAN HUNT is an actor, musician, writer and visual artist living in New York City. For the latest news about his upcoming projects, visit

Brendan Hunt began performing in grade school when he joined a local theater learning center. He received his first training there and performed with the group at the Queens Theatre in the Park's mainstage for several years. During high school he was cast in TV commercials and school productions where he honed his skills. Brendan continued his training at Fordham University after being accepted to their prestigious theater program. He played lead roles in several of their mainstage productions while gaining new insights into the performing arts.

After graduation, Brendan joined the Long Island-based company Plaza Theatrical Productions. As an actor and crew member, he toured libraries, schools and state parks playing some of Shakespeare's finest roles including Romeo, Hamlet, Caliban and Petruchio. As his interest in classical theater grew, so did his abilities, and he was soon playing Feste in the Off-Broadway production of Twelfth Night (Flea Theater) for which he also composed the music.

Brendan has been doing more student films and web series recently, however 2010 saw him return to the Queens Theatre in the Park - this time as the seductive Anton in The Blue Room. He also performed at the NY Fringe Festival and the Under St. Marks theater in various productions. He is currently a member of the Times Square Playwrights group and continues to perform all around the city.