Rachel Halper

Rachel Halper or the littlest spitfire from Long Island, or as she is sometimes called by her boss, the Long Island Lolita is an actor, singer, writer, and comedian. She recently graduated with a BFA in Theater from the University at Buffalo and the Conservatory program at Michael Howard Studios. She performed with her Grammy Award winning choral group in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center , and Disney World through 2004. She was also one of the thirteen representatives for the United States in the International Theater Festival of Drama Schools in Sinai, Romania in 2007, where she performed in Aeschyles' The Oresteia. Some of her other theater credits include, Spring Awakening, A Boy’s Life, Danton’s Death, Getting Even with Shakespeare and most recently Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead. Some of her recent film/TV credits include "The College Humor Show" and the new series "Sean and Meghan". And, if you can believe it she also performs with her sketch comedy group EtchASketch, every now and again. She would like to thank her Mom, Michael, Gabrielle, Heather, Dilyn and the rest of her family and her awesomely awesome friends for their unconditional love and support.