Kate Sheehan

Kate Sheehan is so excited to sing her broken heart out in Angel Drake’s Cabaret! She is a recent graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and now spends her time doing stand up comedy, performing in Off-Off-Broadway plays and musicals, casting/writing/acting in films, and making no money at all. Past performances include Sycamore in The Unseen Hand (Lee Strasberg Institute), Lydia in "Stepsisters" (short film), and the cousin in the upcoming feature film "The Hole in the Wall". Past boyfriends include John “I’m Too Sensitive and Artistic for a Girlfriend” Peters, Mark “I’m Only Into You When You’re Dating Someone Else” Moore, and Eric “I Have Three Bodies Under the Floorboards of My Apartment” Smith. Note: boyfriends’ names have been changed to ensure Douche Privacy.