Angel Drake

Miss Angel Drake is known as "Songstress and Survivor of the Blues" and has been in show business since her youth in Augusta, Georgia, where her first brush with fame came with her first love, James Brown. "I used to carry him sweet potato pie when he was in jail the FIRST time. I was around fifteen then."

Her career went on to include being lead singer for the girl group she founded and gave her own name to, The Angels. With Miss Drake on lead vocals they had a hit with "My Boyfriend's Back" until her scandalous affair with a Washington Senator violated a morals clause in her record contract and she was unceremoniously dropped from the group. She found herself in jazz clubs in the New York's West Village and soon fell head over heels for the monologist, Lord Buckley. She still credits him with many of her ideas about life, love and the world we live in-though he broke her heart when he chose his wife over her.

Soon she bounced back, signing a studio contract with a Hollywood TV Studio hoping to groom her into the next Joey Heatherton. Instead she was cast as female yeomen #5 on a new TV series, Star Trek, and soon began a wild affair with the show's star, William Shatner. Soon she helped him on his own music project, "Bill Shatner Sings".

Currently Miss Drake is at work on her unauthorized autobiography, "Portrait of a Sinner" in which she gives even more details about her life and loves including , Rev. Al Green, Janis Joplin, Lola Falana, and many more. She has hosted many Burlesque Shows for Surf Reality, a Country Blues night at Banjo Jim's and is pleased to be working with Zephyer Rep on this night of Heartbreak songs. She has been there, done that and got all the tee shirts so she will be there for all the performers.

Linda Hill, whose show Big City Hick is extended through this weekend right here in this theatre is honored to have the privilege of bringing Miss Angel Drake back to the city for her first show with Zephyer Rep. Now that the lawsuit is settled, Hill was able to lift the restraining order and hope they could once again work together, since they first shared a stage in San Francisco.