Julia Giolzetti

Julia Giolzetti learned how to play the guitar by watching her grandpa and cousins work it out to country music as a teenager. Her experience as a guitarist has been performing reluctantly for family on Christmas Day, once at an alumni reunion for her youth theater group, and often as the token "douche playing guitar at the party" at NYU. Her most recent acting gig was as the very-cheated-on Mabel Purdie in Dear Brutus last week on this very stage. Elsewhere she has played a 12-year-old lesbian, a conflicted party girl, a dead fast food employee, and Henry V's hapless Boy. You may have seen two seconds of her in Bank of America's MLB banking commercials doing what she does best--being a goof. She dedicates this performance to her long-suffering boyfriend, Jason, and all the messy exes that came before him, may they rest in peace.