• Some people march to the beat of a different drummer.
Sammo has his own marching band.

• Musician /singer /writer /poet /comedian who lives to entertain people.

• Sammo is a New Yorker. Born in Queens, grew up on Long Island, residing in Brooklyn.

• Has twenty-plus years of experience making music yet goes about his work with the hunger and enthusiasm of a kid who just plugged in his first electric guitar on Christmas morning.

• Six foot three and worth the climb.

• He dresses loud and sings even louder. Vocally Sammo strives to marry Little Richard’s unmitigated primal joy with the perennial heartbreak of Hank Williams’ falsetto.

• An Existentialist who feels that life is just “time stalking a baby” so he treats every performance as if it were his last night on earth.

• If you’re tired of rehashed Hallmark card song lyrics he’s your man.

• Scored Carolina Santiago’s documentary film “Aloha NY,” screened at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

• Won WNYC (National Public Radio) 2008 songwriting contest with submission, “Che Guevara Monday.”

• Wrote and performed Sam’s Roamin’ Cadillac Church of the Enjoy Life Sciences & All Jake with the Angels at NYC’s Ensemble Studio Theater; one-man shows best described as Musical Theater for People Who Hate Musical Theater.

• Composed and performed music score for Bryan Goluboff’s Off-Broadway play Hey Buddy!

• Poetry slams at the Nuyorican Poets Café in NYC: Been there, won ‘em.

• Composed music for Marquis Jet commercial which aired during the 2009 Superbowl.

• In 2009, recorded and released Vagabondage, a collection of mutated Americana with a pop bent, recorded in his Brooklyn bedroom studio, Le Flatbush Boudoir. Vagabondage is currently receiving national and international airplay on Internet and radio.

• Currently in the throes of a love affair with his National Steel guitars. Playing the same resonator guitars as his blues idols makes Sammo feel like he has been “handed the torch”: every time he plays, he feels obligated to add more fuel to the fire.

• One of his fans wrote this about him on a bar napkin:
“You’re like a one-man Led Zeppelin but without the Dungeons & Dragons lyrics and instead of touring in a private jet, Jimmy Page drives a little yellow bus and parks in the handicapped spaces.
(Dude I drank like eight PBRs during your set!)”

- Chris Baginski, Queens, NY

• “A veritable cesspool of talent,” he remains painfully aware of his shortcomings. The fact is, blowing sunshine up his own skirt to write this bio made him throw up in his mouth a little.*

* I’ve also heard the phrase “burping up sour” to describe this phenomenon.