Gillian Riley

Gillian Riley (Director/Producer) is very proud of Snorks and Piñs, and their first production of "A Twelfth Night's Dream About Nothing". Gillian's most recent directing credits include A Surprise from Mother performed at the Producer's Club and Edvard Munch's Happy Paintings at the Algonquin Theater. She was previously an assistant director at T. Schreiber studio and worked on the productions of The Real Inspector Hound and The Actor’s Nightmare. She also worked as the assistant director for Folding Chair’s production of Cymbeline. Gillian’s acting credits include: Julia in The Duchess of Malfi, Maria in Love’s Labor’s Lost, Ellen Bond in Hyphen-Nation, Cleopatra in Anthony and Cleopatra, Lady Torrance in Orpheus Descending and Sierra Jacobs in Wikipedia Brown.