Erin Jividen

Erin Jividen, known to most as "EJ", has been a resident singer/songwriter in NYC and has appeared in over 200 music venues across the city, as well as LA, London, Miami and Boston. She has four recorded albums to date, and has been associated as both an artist and writer for the Sony Music Record Label. The Village Voice has been quoted as saying, "EJ has a voice like liquid love". Most recently, Erin spent time in Pompano, Florida recording her fourth album "Stuck in Traffic" with acclaimed record producer Tony BonGiovi.

A graduate from Hunter College, with a BFA in music and theater, Erin decided to try her hand as a playwright. Her first, full-length rock musical, "Skye is Falling" was showcased in the city and picked up to run at the Tri-Arts Theater in Sharon, Connecticut. She is now a member of the "Women's Playwriting Lab" for The New Perspectives Theatre in New York City and will be showcasing two of her latest plays: The Yearbook and Crazy Girls Anonymous.

Erin first showcased, "Down The Rabbit Hole" at the Roy Arias Theatre in New York city in March of 08'. After selling-out several performances, she decided that it was time to "GO FOR BROKE". She took time away from her band, her music career, and her full time job as a music teacher. That is when the "RABBIT REVOLUTION" started....

"This play goes beyond me... I wrote this piece with no walls, no expectations... I just wrote the truth- for the first time in my life. This play not only tells the story of my life, but the lives of all women... I kept saying to myself, ' When do I finally find "happily ever after?' And then it came to me..... Happily Ever After is something we must create for ourself. We can't wait around for "prince charming" or opportunity to come knocking at our door.... We must go KNOCK on opportunities door!"

"The truth is—I personally have fallen down many 'rabbit holes' and will, most likely, fall down many more. But it is these 'rabbit holes' that have given me the strength and courage to stand up and finally fight for my dreams! I want to be a voice for all women- everywhere. I want to be a voice that embraces our downfalls and allows us to see that, in the end, Happily Ever After DOES exist! We just have to fight for it..."

Erin has finished her first full length fiction novel, "The Story of Stone" and it is being published by the end of this year. She is excited to be making her first Off Broadway Debut and looks forward to the future of "The Rabbit Revolution."