Leticia Diaz

Leticia Diaz is simply giddy about her debut show with Phare Play Productions. Most recent credits: Katrina in Naked  (2008 Vagina Festival), & her 80’s alter ego in Bartholomew Fair, NJ which she will be reviving for the 2009 Midtown International Theatre Festival (debaun.org for info). When she isn’t a Coney Island Polar Bear or marching in the Mermaid Parade, Leticia can be found in random rest stops at 2am, conserving water, & doing the ‘robot’. Thanks: for the sugar, the spice & everything nice. Kisses to my Naked Gals: sisters from other mothers. Gratitude to Brooklyn for the opportunity. Deepest admiration: to the talented guests of Isla Corazon. Everything, always, for Nino. )O(