Danny O’connor

DANNY O’CONNOR (Playwright/Actor) received a B.F.A. in acting from Emerson College in Boston.  While attending Emerson, John Leguizamo’s Spic-O-Rama and Whoopi Goldberg’s self-titled Broadway show inspired him to immediately begin work on his first one-man show, transforming a one act play, Best Half Foot Forward, into a solo piece in which he played all 4 characters.  He then began collaborating with his poet brother, Robert O'Connor, on Random Cat Syndrome, another one-man show that premiered at the Circle Theatre in Boston in 2002.  After graduation he moved to Chicago, where he worked with Second City, The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and storefront theatre companies such as the Conservatory and The Gorilla Tango. 

Following a nasty breakup, he was inspired to begin work with his brother again on the show that would become ZERO.  The show opened in Dallas, TX in 2006 to critical acclaim and fantastic audience response. It then moved to Chicago where it again received great audiences and reviews, including the coveted “Highly Recommended!” from the Chicago Reader. 

Following the run, Danny began working on local Chicago theatre again until the suicide of his brother occurred in late 2006.  That prompted his move to Dallas to be with his family and to reopen ZERO as a commemoration run for Robert.  The run was a smash hit, bringing in more audiences and acclaim than previously received, and it had yet another extension.  In the wait between ZERO Dallas and ZERO New York Danny has worked with his good friend and director, Kelly Fiore, performing the Murder Mystery, Murder at the North Pole!