Michael Weems

Having not slept for six months and already endured the rigorous WWSS 1-3, Michael figured this endeavor a natural fit for his current zombie like capacities. Recent writing credits: Fragments (Little Hibiscus Productions and Festival 56, Chicago IL); Subtlety (Algonquin Theatre); and Burden Me (Phare Play Productions) and the upcoming Onward, Forward (Little Hibiscus Productions – Dec 3-7, 2008) and the publication of Love Me, As Well (most recently – Eye Gone Black Literary Journal) and Waiting Life (Freight Train Magazine). When not being awaken (sometimes clothed) by his wife's rehearsals (BLATANT PLUG – Come See Anastasia Trials and The Importance of Being Earnest this November/December!) he can be found physically threatening their Wii Fit, verbally threatening international punks on pokerstars.net who go all in pre-flop, and watching painfully addicting children's television with his son. Thanks to my loves, Christine & Thomas.