Victor Anderson
Victor L. Anderson Jr. (Vic / Clorox Understudy): Victor is a 17 year old senior at Orange High School and an active member of the drama club. He is very proud to join Well Urned Productions to present The Me nobody Knows. He has ten years of performing experience and has been in involved in numerous amounts of plays, musicals and One Act plays. After high school Victor will like to move to New York or California to pursue drama and business. He aspires to be the "Next Big Thing". His best talent is acting because it helps him express different emotions. It's his favorite thing to do! Some of the shows that he has starred in were, Dreamgirls (C.C.), Peter Pan, (John), Cinderella (Prince Charming), Othello (Othello), The King and I (Prince Chukalonghorn) and many more. Victor is apart of the singing group Voices in Harmony under the direction of David Milnes, in his High School. They have performed for the governor of New Jersey, Kids in Concert, and many Sporting events. He is also apart of the Theater Workshop under the direction of Marie Thomas Foster. Lastly he is a member of The Young Artist Institute at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC). Victor wants to thank his loving family and friends who supports him in everything he puts his mind to. Also he wants to thank Laura Rizzo, Greg Cilmi, Carrie Nagy, and Abigail Lumsden for their wonderful guidance and teachings. "Confusion in a small dark room will not help you find the door"