Davon Tariq Diehl
Davon Tariq Diehl (Clorox): is an 18 year old who recently graduated from high school. He asprires to one day become a chef and own his restaurant. He also invisions starting a non-profit organization that funds healthy food to urban city school districts. He first began acting by accident; he was asked to play Fezziwig (Scrooge) by his Drama teacher Ms. Rizzo and became addicted. He went on in the same school year to play Schlomo (FAME) in his high school musical. He also is a former band memeber(cymbols), chorus member(tenor/bass), and dance member (dance ensemble). His biggest inspiration is his mom who proves that as long as you put your trust and faith in the heavenly father, all things are possible. "Remember that thing that made you mad, doubt yourself, and cry; itz called LIFE....remember its never that bad, so SMILE."