Jessica Linquata
Jessica Linquata: Actor/Dancer/Singer/ Choreographer/Associate Producer/Special Events Coordinator
Jessica Linquata (Associate Producer/Special Events Coordinator) is a graduate of Salem State College where she majored in theater with a concentration in performance and received her BFA in May of 2006. Before her venture into college, she was accepted into a Non Profit touring company by the name of Up With People World Smart Program. Here Jessica got to travel all over the world, teaching peace and acceptance through the art of singing, dancing, and movement. The impact of that experience has stayed with her since and the spirit, drive and motivation of her travels make her connection to Whirled Peas a passionate one. Jessica has always believed in the power of art- how art, dance, and voice were the first ways of communication and now in this day an age, we need to use art as a way of healing, helping and understanding. In June of 2006, Jessica left her small town of Gloucester Massachusetts to come to the big city of New York, with the hopes of pursuing her career in theater and making her mark on this world. Whirled Peas Productions is giving her that opportunity to do good, meaningful, and powerful art.