Gail Langstroth
Writer and performer of ONEWORD
poet, eurythmist, and movement artist, spent her youth under the Big Skies of Montana and college years in Connecticut.

After receiving her diploma as a performer and teacher of Eurythmy from Else Klink, Das Eurythmeum, Stuttgart, Germany (1976), she became a member of the Stuttgart Stage Group, performing worldwide for the following eight years. In 1984, she moved to Santander, Spain, where she began consolidating her work as a poet and performer, concentrating on the guitar and the Spanish language as inspiration for her artistic expression.

Collaborating with international artists in North and South America, Spain, Canada, Germany, Russia and Romania, original productions include: DAWN, a performance based on the Book of Revelation, Light Cracks, Aripa frinta, en el fondo del aire, EL CAMINO, Elegiacs I and II, BACHVARIANTEN, SIEGELWORTE, and OPUS 131. Rivelets, a program based on her own poetic work, was awarded 1st Prize in Teatro La Scala Competition, Basel, Switzerland (2002).

An intensive study at the Priest Seminary of the Christian Community, Hamburg, Germany (2002-2005), deepened her perception of "The Word, Its Source and Substance," providing a renewed inspiration for her performing and writing. She is also known as a tri-lingual lecturer on: Juan Ramón Jiménez, Roots of the New Movement Art Eurythmy, and The Unicorn Tapestries.

After 38 years of experience as an international performer and teacher, Langstroth brings her joy and artistic vision to New York City.