Ronald Ribman

plays have been produced on and off Broadway, including the Obie award-winning Journey of the Fifth Horse and Cold Storage, recipient of the Dramatists Guild's prestigious Hull-Warriner Award. Plays include Harry, Noon and Night, The Ceremony of Innocence, Fingernails Blue As Flowers, Buck, Passing Through From Exotic Places, A Break in the Skin, The Poison Tree, produced on Broadway at the Ambassador Theater, The Rug Merchants of Chaos, Sweet Table at the Richelieu, The Cannibal Masque, A Serpent's Egg and The Dream of the Red Spider.

In addition to his stage plays that have been directly televised, Ribman's work in television includes the CBS Playhouse special, "The Final War of Olly Winter", which received five Emmy nominations including Best Drama; the adaptation of Saul Bellow's novel, "Seize the Day", starring Robin Williams and Jerry Stiller; and the three hour PBS mini-series of Warren Adler's short stories, "The Sunset Gang". His one major screenplay was a collaboration with Bill Gunn, in 1970, of Bernard Malamud's "The Angel Levine", starring Zero Mostel and Harry Belafonte.