Tiffany L Wilson
Tiffany L. Wilson has had the privilege of teaching Drama in the public schools for eight years. She taught her first drama class at the age of 15 at a summer camp in New Jersey, and became hooked to education. Her mother, former teacher, Sandra Bentley-Payne, gave her support and inspiration to pursue a profession that Tiffany thinks may be in her genes. In addition to teaching Tiffany freelances as a director and stage manager. She has had the opportunity to stage manage the University of West Indies Awards Ceremony, "Imagine" the play, Spike Lee's Morehouse Fundraiser, the Weeksville Awards Ceremony, and Megafest 2006. She had the opportunity to direct the gospel play, Everybody's Somebody's Fool in Harlem in 2005. She also produced her first stage play, Why Won't He Luv Me Forever in January of 2008. Tiffany is currently in her final semester at Monclair State University. She strives to obtain her Masters Degree in Drama with Production and Stage Management emphasis in December of this year. She believes that education is important, and doesn't take the gift of being an educator for granted. She would like to thank Shawn and Dwight for giving her a chance, and for their belief in the power of the arts. Tiffany would also like God her Grandmother, her sister, and son for continual support.