Christine Grenier
Christine Grenier- Actress/Engineer/Teacher

Christine is currently working as a mechanical engineer and as an actor with the mission to turn STEM into STEAM.

In May of 2010, Christine founded the Grenier Educational Theater Group, Inc. (GET Group) with the intention of combining her love for acting with her love for education.  She currently works as an actor and as an engineer.  GET Group is featured in the 2012/2013 fall edition of  the New York Department of Education Arts and Cultural Services Guide.

After earning her BA in physics from Boston University, Christine worked as a research specialist in the field of aeronomy (upper atmospheric science).  In 2003, Christine moved to New York City where she worked as a math teacher, and actress. She perfomed in various venues throughout the city, working regularly with theater companies like The 52nd Street Project and Falconworks Artists Group.  Christine earned the 2006 Best Actress Award, presented by The Looking Glass Theater for her portrayal of "Linny" in Hustlers.  In 2009, Christine founded The Grenier Educational Group, with a debut performance of The Tempest,  which she produced for her own students of The Saint Ignatius Loyola School.  In this project, she not only played the character of Miranda, but also wrote the musical score.  With much acclaim from parents, teachers, school administrators and students, she went on to incorporate The Grenier Educational Theater Group in 2010.  

As a lifelong teacher and actor, Christine has continued to share her passion and enthusiasm for the powerful language of Shakespeare . "Play with the play", says Grenier.   "When it comes to interpretation of such language, there is no ubiquitous answer, what exists is your interpretation."