Patrick Mitchell
Patrick Mitchell as Rawl Cheeks
Patrick Mitchell (Rawl Cheeks) is a 20 year veteran to the stage; he has played "Othello" (Shakespeare in the Park Lex. Ky.), Malcolm X in "The Meeting" at the Paul Robeson Theater and "Grey Panthers" with New Federal Theater. He has recently been seen at the Billie Holiday Theater as Deacon Beasley in "Freeda Peoples", at the Spoon Theater with New Perspective Theater in Anton Chekov's "The Cherry Orchard" and "Samsons Way" at Black Spectrum Theater. He has also worked with BABS Productions of "Skeletons" and The Diversity Players of Harlem's "A Family Play". On film he was featured in Pantomime Films "Caged" as Bernie, and Cubecity's production of "Dear J". As a stand up touring the country he has worked with Mark Curry, Sinbad and Jamie Foxx.