Russell Waldman
Russell Waldman as Yaveni Aaronson
Russell Waldman (Yaveni Aaronson) is native New Yorker born and raised in Queens. As a one of the first students in Hillcrest H.S. Theatre Education Department he studied under Dr. Steven Posner, spending 6 months of his senior year as an intern to Wynn Handman and Julia Miles at the American Place Theater. As happens with artists, life temporarily derailed him. He met a woman, fell in love, got married, had a child, and temporarily joined the ranks of corporate cubicle dwellers. In a flash, at the ripe young age of 42 the acting bug upon him again.

He forged ahead with the "Russell Conservatory System of Acting & Training; i.e. attending workshops, seminars, and acting classes, brushing up with Labyrinth Theatre company members, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Ortiz, and acting coach Florence Young. Russell was last seen as an "Alien" in Nicu's Spoon production of "Tales of the Lost Formicans" and appeared as Ed-Kills-on-Top in Nicu's Spoon staged reading of Spokane as well as directing and narrating last springs reading of Casualties of the Great White Washer.

Russell is Itzak Golem in the indie film titled "Messhugeneh" directed by Eric Morris Eskenzai for Gum Grove Films. Russell is also set to direct A Kite Cut Loose in the Middle of the Sky in Fall 2008. Additionally he assisted Stephanie Barton-Farcas with Buried Child and was assistant director and General manager for Nicu's Spoons debut (in our own space) of RICHARD lll and Production manager for of KOSHER HARRYS and ELIZABETH REX (due to go Off-Broadway this August).