Devin Burnam
Devin Burnam received his BA in English Literature from Columbia University. While an undergraduate, he was a founding member of the Kings Crown Shakespeare Troupe, an independent undergraduate troupe which staged one Shakespeare production each spring in an interactice, outdoor setting, and one modern play in a traditional theater each fall.

After graduation he worked with the Atlantic Theater Company under the direction of Paul Urcioli and Robert Bella. He is the founder of fallingDREAM:the theatre company that wakes up screaming.

His theatre directing credits include The Homeaway, Seeing Double, and Numerals. Short films include Medicine Man, 4 Dolls, and The Ghost of Peacock Jones. He wrote and directed Will You Love Me When Im Gone for the 48 Hour Film Festival.

He has worked with the Combustive Motor Corp. in Brooklyn on productions of Michael Stumms How to Act and the New Orleans based performance troupe BINGOs live music and video installations. From 2003-2005 he was in charge of theatre and spoken word at Asterisk Young Artists Project in Bushwick. He has traveled extensively in India filming the plight of manual scavengers and village sex workers within the Dalit community for the documentary Buried in Plain Sight.

While studying viewpoints and Suzuki at the Saratoga International Theatre Institute, he was invited by Anne Bogart to participate in her Collaboration Class in the MFA Program at Columbia. He has performed at the American Living Room at HERE, the Brick, NY Fringe Festival, New York Comedy Club and Stand Up New York.

He is a winner of the 2006 Gumball 3000 Screenplay Competition, Adrien Brody judging.