Mordicai Knode

If Vincent Price & Max Schreck had been mobsters, Mordicai would have been their kingpin! Tommy guns chattering away at Armageddon: rat-at-at-at-tat! Or is that the hideous sound of your teeth terror? In previous Lion Pinball Productions Mordicai has been a time travelling biker, the prince of the cat-people, & half warlock, half warden, all fiend! Rumors he filed down his teeth to points for all previous roles are FALSE. His teeth are naturally that way. Soon he will be tucked away in the honeycombed hull of a hulking starship, & then you'll see, won't you? Then you'll know. Bombs away! Say that you believe in fairies, won't you? Clap if you do! The faeries have difficulty finding your jugular vein in the dim lights of the venue. Please clap so they can find you! All your plans to survive the zombie apocalypse are for naught. He is coming. He is coming. He is here!