Dionne Lockett
I Love Acting & Acting Loves Me

Dionne was born and raised in Queens NY. She has been acting and modeling since 1993. She is an articulate individual who's heart is into acting. Dionne has starred in the leading roles in two Productions; RFWC Productions "He Got Up" where she played the gangstress Peaches; and recently she played the dramatic Marion Weathers in a GOD Will Production "The Ties That Bind". She has also starred in two Diversity Players of Harlem off-broadway plays: "Die Laughing" where she played Sheila Laurence a breast cancer survivor and "A Family's Play" where she played the Jamaican Dr. Janet Williams. She has leading roles in two films "Women Do It Better" directed by Derrick Simmons and "Sushi" directed by Ernest Robinson. Dionne's passion for acting and modeling has inspired her to help those who are newcomers to the scene. "Be the best YOU nobody can be" is one of her many quotes that motivates the people around her.  It is her desire to take on greater roles and meet every future challenge.

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