Robert Moreira

Robert Moreira has been acting for about 10 years. Credits include Oedipus Rex, Guys and Dolls, Fifth of July, and The Gut Girls. In The Gut Girls, Robert performed as four completely different characters, all with a British accent. Improvisation is where his heart lies, but performing for an audience is a passion he has had for many years. It is a pleasure for him to be working with such a talented cast of actors and to be doing a work of Dylan Thomas'. He would like to thank his 8th grade Drama teacher, Ms. Gelfand, for convincing him to audition for a high school that would change the way he looked at acting. He would also like to thank his brother for advising him that Drama class was an easy "A". Without that advice he wouldn't be where he is now... gracing the stage with an amazing collection of performers.