Marla Yost
Marla Yost (Ferdinand) has recently performed at HERE Arts Café, for the American Living Room Festival, as well as at the Brick Theater. For PlayMakers Repertory Company: "The Front Page" (Gene Saks, dir.), "Cyrano de Bergerac" (Joseph Haj), "Richard II" and "Caesar and Cleopatra" (David Hammond). For the Professional Actor Training Program: "Kid Simple" (Shelley Butler), "Twelfth Night" (Charles Steak), "The Real Thing" (Jeffrey Blair Cornell), "Full Moon" (Benny Sato Ambush), "Holy Ghosts" (Kenneth P. Strong), "Making History" (Ray Dooley), "Red Noses" (John Feltch). Education: MFA, UNC-Chapel Hill/PlayMakers Repertory Company; Vassar College.