Marq Overton
Marq Overton (Writer/Producer) was born in Harlem New York, a few blocks from the World Famous Apollo Theater, his first inspiration in the entertainment field. As he matured, Marq would sit in the Apollo Theater Amateur Night audience and wonder what he would say if he was a comedian on stage in front of 1500 hundred people to avoid the fate of most comedians that dared to take its stage. When he took the stage for the first time at the Apollo Theater his dream became a reality. One year later after touring the comedy circuit, Marq returned to Apollo to win first place and would go on to make numerous guest appearances. Thereafter, he teamed up with Andre Brown, a party promoter who had previously seen Marq at the Apollo. This union led to collaborations with National Black Theater, which changed the History of African-American Comedy in America, according to The Rise and Fall of a Comedy Dynasty: The Uptown Comedy Club Story. Marq taught comedy seminars and writing workshops. He appeared as a comic on HBO's Short Attention Span Theater; It's Showtime at the Apollo; Apollo Comedy Hour; Def Comedy Jam; and The Uptown Comedy Club. Now Marq is writing chapter two of his career. He has written for Spike TV, The Big Head People, an animated sketch comedy; Standing Still, a featured length film considered by Bad Boy Films; and numerous comedians on today's comedy circuit. Meanwhile, Marq hopes to affect the lives of as many people with what is his most ambitious work Die Laughing, One Man's Story of Ignorance, Awareness and Redemption.