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Anne Goldmann
"Wild stranger, foolish native."
Anne Goldmann started her physical training as a gymnast. After ten years of leotards she went into conventional theater and studied at ACT Academy in San Francisco. She transferred into weird avant-garde productions and Theater of the Absurd, flirted with film and TV, then washed it all down with extensive study of vocal production and world music. She eventually went to the SF Circus School and trained in hand-balancing, trapeze and acrobatics. She also learned wire-walking from the Flying Wallendas. Anne then went to Canada and trained in Clown with Canadian Master Teacher Sue Morrison and afterwards co-created and produced an award-winning show, "Does This Mean Anything To You." She later collaborated on another production with Sue, "extra-Ordinary Vacancy," which was seen in New York first in the NY Clown Theatre Festival and then at PS122 as part of the SoloNova Arts Festival . Over the past seven years, Anne has performed in festivals, cabaret and street theater in over fourteen countries.