Leroy Hankins
LeRoy Hankins (PRESSURE) has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. He is a musician, singer, composer, and actor. He has played in various popular bands, including The Blue Notes, Hank Ballard and The Midnighters, Frank Cornelius of the Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose, Herman Kelly and Life Beat, Timmy Thomas and Leon Parker. Recently, he has branched out to performing his own music. His songwriting and stage performances blend world beat, pop and

inspirational influences. Check out his CD's, ANTERIAN, THE ANTERIAN EXPERIENCE and IN THE SHADOW. He made his debut in "A Murder At The Church" as conductor and sound engineer for the musical play "Hip Hop Musical Murder Mysteries". "Leroy Hankins' work as the musical director shines as he leads the church choir's singing." Angel L. Martinez, Independent Media Center,

Aug. 6, 2002. He made his acting debut In "Cooking The Books: A Recipe For Murder", portraying "Ron, 'The Bull' Carson, Hit man". Leroy shows his diversity as an actor in the role of the impatient "Juror, Randy Wilson, Army Retiree", in "A Weapon Most Unusual".