Rashawn Strife
RASHAWN STRIFE (Executive Producer/Writer/Reign) is a native of Westchester County, NY and CEO of Strife's Way Productions, Ltd. He studied acting and Criminology at Westchester Community College. His martial art styles are Tae Kwon Do and Karate Okinawa Te Style. He has acted in numerous films and stage productions. He just recently wrapped filming, "Detric's List" a teen comedy where he played as Detric Locke, an over-confident troublemaker. It was also the first film he has ever written, directed, and produced. His upcoming projects are "It Takes Only Noise" filming in Miami, FL in Spring 2008 by Iton Entertainment. "F3" a brutal martial arts action feature that's about a women's only underground fighting tournament where Rashawn is the writer, producer, and supporting actor. Rashawn has also produced a trailer to help pitch his action/drama TV series, "The Mercenaries" to major networks such as HBO and F/X. Rashawn gives thanks to everyone who has helped made this production possible.