Simcha Borenstein

Simcha Borenstein (Director, Iraq (Blindness)). Clemenza and Tessio are Dead, Bed & Breakfast, The Oboe Player, Delores, Lynette at 3 a.m., Last Exit Before Toll, Sunday with Albert and Mandy, David Mamet's The Old Neighborhood, David Rabe's Those the River Keeps (director). Bogosity, Eagle's Path,Another Saturday Story, Nothing Interesting Ever Happens Around Here, Tammy (writer/director). A Reappearing Act, Eccstaticies and the Bicoastal Disorder, Giraffe, The Date, (actor/writer/director). One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Into the Woods, Pump Boys and Dinettes (actor), and the films Acid Rain, How I Became That Jewish Guy, Guardian Angel and Lactoxity (actor). DGA and GIAA Member.