Glen Murphy
As Merlin
Glen Murphy (Writer/Actor), a native Brooklynite, has been writing and acting for the past couple of years. Glen's first passion is writing and his first play, "New York Nights", made its debut in an earlier incarnation at the Lower East Side 's House of Tribes Theatre. This showcasing of his production allowed him to recreate and hone "New York Nights" to the point that the play was picked to be showcased during Absolute Theatre's Urban Fairytale Festival along with a short play that was co-written with Charles E. Drew Jr. entitled "A Rican Piece". Aside from his writing, Glen acting is intense in its realism as he takes a character and delves into the deepest part of their psyche to deliver a memorable performance. As always, Glen is happy to be able to connect with the audience through his talents and is extremely proud to be a part of this production.

Plays written by Glen Murphy:

"New York Nights", "New York Nights II - The Baby", "A Rican Piece" with Charles E. Drew Jr., "The Letter", and "Love Thy Father" "Rip and the Van Winkles" "The Trip To Heaven"