Carissa Cordes

Carissa has most recently been seen onstage as Varya in The Cherry Orchard as part of an MFA directing project at Columbia University. Carissa moved to NYC where she began her studies in experimental theatre 12 years ago. Now she is a classically trained actress who can also improv a modern dance piece, build, hang, stitch, and manage a show. She is currently a Friend of Flux Theatre Ensemble, and some favorite roles from the past include La Madia, Mary Trilogy (Mir); Rosalind, As You Like It; Ariel, The Tempest (both with The Warehouse) Green Eyes, in a cross-gendered Deathwatch (NYCFringe). Other favorite collaborations include performances at the Ontological Theatre with Red Handle in iph.then and Yellow Electras, and Mir's original collaborative viewpoints movement theatre piece How to Be a Doll, and the actress in Octavia Cups' contemporary ballet, Whistle Me Higher. Over the years she has managed to leave her mark at a number of professional regional theatres on the East Coast and in California performing and behind the scenes. She is originally from various points on the west coast, and earned a BFA in theatre from the Experiemental Theatre Wing at New York University.  Many thank yous, hugs and kisses go out to friends and family for their love and support.

Next Project(s): 3pm December 9, 2012; Staged Reading of Skinless by Johnna Adams, directed by Heather Cohn, as part of the F*ck!ng Good Plays (festival, III) at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. Admission is free. For reservations, please email and specify which readings you will be attending and the number of seats needed. For more information, call (212) 627-2556.

Some Videos:

Ariel in The Tempest

I Am Theatre Interview

Ohm Doritos Commercial


For Deathwatch:
"Carissa Cordes presents the death-sentenced Green Eyes with naked emotion and ruggedness."
-Sarah Congress;'09

For Hamlet:
"Carissa Cordes, an equally superb Player Queen and memorable as a serving woman patiently scrubbing away the gore of Polonius’ death. Each of these actors has played major roles in past productions: Cordes as Rosalind in As You Like It; "-Reviewed by Oliver Conant

"The queen's lady in waiting (Carissa Cordes) was a delightful presence here and there in the production....She was an outstanding Player Queen...Seldom do the words of the Player Queen come through as clearly as they did here...Ms. Cordes was not the only actor to play multiple, usually silent or unscripted, roles, but she did so with the most verve." -The Shakespeare Newsletter, Bernice W. Kliman

For The Mary Trilogy:
"Carissa Cordes plays the cold hand of death very well as La Madia, the killer mother."
-Richard Hinojosa;'08

"Carissa Cordes does stellar work in the title role."
-Adam R. Perlman;'08

For As You Like It:
 "But the real meat of the play is Rosalind and Orlando, and whether they're worth your time. Carissa Cordes and James Edward Becton gave practically perfect performances for outdoor Shakespeare...they managed to both act and be clearly made them interesting, appealing, fun, and well suited to each other."
-David Mackler; 2007

For Romeo and Juliet:
"Ms. Cordes as Hannah had the hardest part in the play. She remains on stage the entire production, reacting right with us. Greatly focused and powerful acting."
-Amy M. Frateo; 2007

For Christmas in the Land of Oz:
"The supporting cast also worked magic with their multiple particular Carissa Cordes as the Scarecrow's right-hand woman and a sneaky winged monkey."
-Elias Stimac; 2004