Tom Patella
Tom Patella, originally from Rochester, NY, graduated from Georgetown University and holds a Master's degree from George Washington University. He has co-starred in 10 independent films including "The Argument", as the father: ‘Erie Road" as Dr. Gravin; ‘The Miller House" as a priest, Father Williams; "Sins of Sorrow" as Detective Foster : "Am I Evil" as a detective; "The Harry Situation" as Rick, an executive having an affair with an employee's wife; "The Puzzle" as the inattentive husband and the egotistical movie star in "The Editor". Music Video credits include the businessman in the smash hit "Have a Nice Day" by John Bon Jovi; TV appearances include: "Rescue Me', "Law & Order", "Guiding Light" and "All My Children". Stage credits- Cmdr. Harbison in "South Pacific" and the sniveling son, Richard in "The Tag".