Jack Boice
Jack Boice (Desmond Donagal)
... feels honored and privileged to be joining the Baby Hippopotamus for the first time. He can't even find the words to express how pleased he is to be a part of The Broken Jump and to work with such talented actors. Jack most recently played Judas in The Passion Play. He is also an accomplished guitarist who can be found playing all over New York. And if there are any of you out there that enjoy singing...He also hosts Karaoke nights in many New York City Bars. If one would like to get in touch to find out where these events are being held please email jackboice@hotmail.com. Jack would like to thank God for the gifts he gave him, He would like to thank his Mother and Father for their continued love and support. He would like to thank Shannon Keyes for her love and patience. He would also like to thank King Talent for thinking of him for this project. Jack hopes that everyone that sees this play will love it, laugh and cry just as he did the first time he read it.