Claire Porter

Claire Porter started dancing at age 4, but didn't decide to make it her career until she was 21 years old and working as a computer programmer. After getting a master's in dance at Ohio State University, she started dancing, teaching and choreographing. She created her first "Portables"—which Dance Magazine called "exquisitely crafted yet accessible little gems"—in 1977 and began adding spoken text when she created The Lecture (1980), a sharply observed dance about a college professor's performance in a classroom. She has performed in Germany, Holland, England and Korea and, in New York, at the Joyce Theater, Town Hall, DTW, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Bottom Line, the New York Horticultural Society and at the TWA Terminal at Kennedy Airport. She has won several NEA and New Jersey Choreography Fellowships and received commissions from DTW's First Light Project, Art Matters, University Dance Companies and a Domino's Pizza Company. She teaches Laban Movement Analysis at New York University, Hope College in Michigan and Connecticut College and will be teaching and choreographing a new work for Manhattanville College in the spring.