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Theresa Unfried
Theresa Unfried has been working with Dysfunctional since she first moved to New York in 2001. She has been seen in Chosen (Bernadette), Orange Murder Suit (Joy) in the first ever Frigid Festival, The Eight: Reindeer Monologues (Vixen 2006, Blitzen 2005), Bite (Natalie O'Reilly/Mistress Corbeaux), Please Please Please Love Me (Def girl and various roles), Untitled Farce (Angie Conroy), Whispers in the Wood (Jude Ascot) and I Am Star Trek (DC Fontana and various roles). Her other New York credit includes Clue - Live on Stage (Mrs. White) with Flying Blind Productions. She is excited to be part of this loving Christmas tale for a third year! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!