Anne Mcdaniels
Anne McDaniels (Flo)
joins the The Talented Talent Brothers playing the role of the conniving, bitchy seductress, "Flo" in Weasel Erotica. The Cannes Film Festival recently debuted her latest indy film, "Sex and Camping," where she played the neurotic nymphomaniac "Nadine." Ironically, she came from the tight, buttoned-up business world before switching to follow her dream of actingits from THAT world that allows her to access her edgy, antagonist behaviors! She moved to NYC from a small town in Wisconsin, via Minneapolis, MN where attended the University of Minnesota, worked for General Mills and later became an NFL Cheerleader for the Minnesota Vikings. You can also see her in an upcoming episode of "One Life to Live," where she attempts to steal Kelly Cramers boyfriend!