Shevy Berkovits Gutierrez

The Art of Sophisication...and funny!!

I started my professional career as a customer wire clerk on the floor of the American Stock Exchange taking execution orders from clients phoning in. Steadily growing through the ranks, I became a Market Maker helping to create an auction market for brokers representing customer orders. Eventually, I was promoted to a Floor Broker representing the customer directly within the screaming and volatile trading pits.

At night, I attended college and university obtaining both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Once my schooling obligation was completed (at the risk of sounding cliché) I began to pursue my long awaited passion of making people laugh, professionally.

Allowing my Colombian-Israeli background to work for me instead of against me for a change, I began writing and performing stand-up comedy. Performing regularly eventually generated interest to participate in NBC’s Stand-Up for Diversity Comedy Showcase in Los Angeles. Stand-up has also led to a budding career in acting with training derived from the Sandford Meisner Technique. My acting resume is steadily increasing with film credits ranging from Freedomland and Prime to television credits including Law & Order, One Life To Live and The Sopranos. I was also featured in a Speedstick commercial alongside Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.

Writing being my primary passion, I was a contributing member of a sketch group based out of Philadelphia called Shock & Awesome that performed our own original material. Other writing experience includes completed feature length comedies (which are currently being considered in various writing competitions throughout the country), an original pilot submitted to Bravo TV, an optioned original game show and unscripted episodic and in the July/ August 2005 published issue of Jest Magazine, I contributed a list of Rejected Snapple Lids. And, just as a recurring exercise, I regularly submit material for consideration for The Late Show with David Letterman.

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